For some reason, the last couple of days I’ve been feeling really positive, and not missing my ex and the beautiful hot pink/fuchsia in the photo I took above resonates with how I’m feeling right now.  I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’ve started imagining life without my ex, and starting to feel like I’m finally getting over him, 21 months after he ended our relationship.  (And I haven’t properly started the medication yet!).  I even saw him today when he came to pick up our son, and I just felt friendly but slightly indifferent to him, which I’m really pleased about.

I had a disaster a couple of weeks ago, where my tenant (I’m a tenant and a landlord), scarpered after three months and left lots of damage for me to sort out, including melting my kitchen worktop and breaking the locks on my patio doors-honestly I really don’t understand how people manage to do so much damage in three months.  This is the third set of bad tenants I’ve had out of four sets, which I’m sure is way above the normal odds of getting a bad tenant.

Anyway, somehow, I’ve come up with a plan to turn this around and finally get rid of this house which has been the bain of my life for the last ten years.  And, as though luck would have it, a beautiful little property has become available right where I need it.  So yesterday I stuck my property on the market and decided to see it being vacant as an opportunity to get rid of it, rather than getting down about the damage and lost rent.  Today, I got into ‘pro-active’ mode, spoke to my mortgage advisor who seemed to think this was all quite straightforward and booked a viewing on the place I like the look of.  It also turns out the property is being sold as part of a part-exchange deal so there may be a deal to be done.  Within a few hours, I also received notification that a buy-to-let investor wants to view my property tomorrow-I couldn’t believe I got a viewing so quickly-it had only just appeared on the Rightmove website.  So along with my wonderful feeling of happiness, and being pro-active like my old self, (I even managed to mow my lawn today!), everything seems to be falling into place.  And the icing on the cake? apart from finding the little white feather above, was receiving the message below inside a fortune cookie.  Well it made me smile anyway!



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